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O'ton Studio

Stefan Wulff + Hinrich Dageför

Billhorner Brückenstrasse 40

D-20539 Hamburg


T: 00 49 (0) 40 78 98 476

Über Uns


Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Hinrich Dagefoer  lives and works in Hamburg. He performs with DAGEFOER, Etta Scollo and is a longtime member of DUBE. At O`ton Studio Hamburg Hinrich Dagefoer has composed a wide range of music for different TV and feature film productions such as 'Nachtschicht' and 'Tatort' and was nominated along with his collegues Frank and Stefan Wulff for the Deutsche Fernsehpreis award.


Bassist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound engineer Stefan Wulff lives and works in Hamburg/Berlin and is the co-founder of O`ton Studio Hamburg. Since 1985 he and his brother Frank Wulff have composed a significant scope of music for various film productions. Stefan Wulff works as sound engineer for the artists Achim Reichel, Etta Scollo  Jan Plevka. He has worked on many music and theatre productions such as Lou Reed and Robert Wilson's 'Time Rocker‘ and  'Poetry' a.m.m


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